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Rediscover Belgian Nature and Culture!

🌿 Unlock the beauty of Belgian nature and immerse yourself in its captivating culture with Mist Connections.

Discover a world of enchantment through our workshops, guided walks, and immersive experiences designed for English speakers seeking to deepen their connection with the vibrant landscapes and rich heritage of Belgium.

🔬 Engage in our Citizen Science Classes, where you can contribute to ongoing research while exploring the wonders of nature. Unleash your inner scientist and make a meaningful impact on our environment.

🌳 Immerse yourself in our Forest School for Adults, where you’ll reconnect with nature, engage in mindfulness exercises, and learn ancient woodland skills. Relax, recharge, and let the tranquility of the forest awaken your senses.

🚶‍♀️ Join us on our Nature and Culture walks, led by knowledgeable guides who will take you through breathtaking landscapes, sharing fascinating insights into Belgium’s history, folklore, and ecological marvels. Discover hidden gems and unravel the stories woven into the land.

🏛️ Embark on cultural outings with us as we curate unforgettable trips to museums, historical sites, and architectural wonders. Experience the heart and soul of Belgium’s rich cultural tapestry firsthand.

📚 Explore our blog, where we invite you to delve into the diversity of Belgium. Discover our in-depth articles about animals, plants, and cultural events in Belgium. As new immigrants, we also share our reflections on aspects of Belgian culture that we found challenging to understand. It’s a space for sharing and learning for anyone eager to learn more about this welcoming land.

At Mist Connections, we believe that true understanding comes from experiencing the beauty around us. Let us be your gateway to Belgian nature and culture, guiding you towards unforgettable connections that will inspire and transform you. ✨🌍

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