Mist Connections: Belgian Nature and Culture

  • Purple Deadnettle

    Latin: Lamium PurpureumFrench: Lamier Pourpre Lamium purpureum is one of the easiest wild plants to identify. It is a herbaceous plant, usually less than 30 centimetres high. The stem is […]

  • So… what’s so special about Belgium?

    That’s a pretty big question, but I’ll try to answer as clearly and thoroughly as I can. If you’d asked me to tell you what I knew about Belgium before […]

  • Resources for amateur naturalists

    While I am a huge fan of nature, I am not terribly gifted at identifying what I see. It has been a lifelong challenge for me to learn to identify […]

  • Eurasian Blackbird

    The common blackbird was the first European bird I was able to recognize just by its song. Of course, if you’re a fan of Lennon-McCartney, you’re probably able to do […]

  • Reconnecting with nature

    Humans have a deep and innate connection to the natural world, and when that connection is disrupted or broken, it can lead to a range of negative health and well-being […]

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